Brett is a ten year old  genius on the same team as Josh and Yoko. He is younger than all the other marshals.

Size Growth Edit

  • In episode 20, "Mini Marshalls", the planet, as well as others, is shrunk and it is up to Brett's team to get them back. The whole time, Brett is trying to get himself taller. He may seem huge when they show the shrunken planets in the same room.

Muscle Growth Edit

  • In episode 12, "Alien Brett", Brett is trying to get stronger. He decides to use DNA from an alien which makes one of his bicep break out of suit. This is the only instance in the episode as he turns into a version of the alien soon afterwards.

Weight Gain Edit

  • Also in episode 12, "Alien Brett", due to the DNA of the alien, he eats the entire luch his team made for the four of them. He gets a small bloated belly.