Johnathan "Johnny" Test is the main protagonist, who is the troublesome, narcissistic 11-13 year old boy also known for his love of anything he considers awesome.

Size Growth Edit

  • Johnny Test in Black & White, the first part of the 21th episode and the 41th episode overall. The general shows a clip that showed Johnny and Dukey as giants in the town.
  • Rock- a- Bye Johnny, the second part of 26th episode, the last episode of the second season and the 52th episode over all. In a dream sequence, Johnny can't fall asleep. When he does in the dream, he instantly grows upon awakening and his body resembles Donky Kong (counts for Muscle Growth).
  • Johnny's Testosterone, the second part of 76th episode and the 152th episode over all. Johnny is upset with his height and has his sisters incress it. He overdoes it can becomes a hulking giant (counts for Muscle Growth).
  • Bugged out Johnny, the first part of 88th episode and the 176th episode over all. In order to save a rare giant flower from getting eaten by a giant ladybug, Johnny is made bigger than the bug to capture it.

Muscle Growth Edit

  • Johnny vs. Bling-Bling Boy, the 3rd episode of the Johnny Test cartoon, and the 3rd episode of Season 1. At the start of the episode, Johnny drinks a shake his sister made which causes him to instantly gain muscles. He drinks another at the end of the episode.

Weight Gain Edit

  • Phat Johnny, the second part of 18th episode and the 36th episode over all. Johnny gets a modified bar that would make him more attractive (counts for Muscle Growth). But when it wears off, he becomes fat as Bling-Bling Boy's DNA was used as the base.