Lee Clark is the oldest of the Spiez siblings as well as the leader. He is also an athlete at school.

Age Progression Edit

In "Operation No Pal in Principal", a brief moment shows what Lee believes he would look like as an adult.

Size Growth Edit

  • In "Operation Crabby Bob", he is stated to be big for his age. This would explain the height difference he seems to have over his siblings in some episodes.

Muscle Growth Edit

  • In "Operation Pet Peeved", Lee flexes, twice, as a gag when he tells his grades to Marc.
  • In "Operation YoYo-Ninja Master", Lee flexes for the school, which causes him to look buffer than he normally is, after saving Tammy from falling off a ladder. He also gets a muscular disguise earlier, but that only shows for one or two seconds (at the end of episode).

Lee Gallery Edit