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This Wiki is dedicated to finding Male expansion of animation and games!

Describe your topicEdit

There few wikis for the expansion of guys, and they all only focus on one type or girls are included. Nothing wrong with female expansion, there is just not enough male. So if a character from any animated form media has expanded in some way, help by including it the this wiki! Don't hesitate to ask for help.

What form of media? Edit

Pretty much any character from Cartoons, Anime, Video Games, Manga or Comics as long as they are male. The wiki is "Cartoon" for "Animated." Doesn't matter if it suppose to "look" realistic as long as the character is animated whether it's 2D or CGI. But only if it's from official media. Fan-art is amazing, but it is unfortunately not for this wiki

What kind of expansion? Edit

There are four kinds that are currently accepted:

  1. Age Progression. Any character if they increase in age. Not regression as it is decreeing.
  2. Size Growth. Any character that increase their height or size. Exception if only their head or just everything from the neck down without the head increased in size or length. Perspective shots also count. (Small buildings, or shrunken characters)
  3. Muscle growth. Any character that increase their physical muscles. Not really much there if it isn't a visible change.
  4. Weight Gain. Any character that gain weight or are just stuffed.

Please No "Age Regression" or "Shrinking" as they are the opposite of Expanding. If a shrunken character makes another appear larger, the larger character is to be noted despite no change to him.

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