Tyson Granger is the main protagonist in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade, Beyblade: V-Force and Beyblade: G-Revolution. He is a member of the G-Revolutions and the BBA Revolution. His Bit-Beast and Beyblade is Dragoon - one of the 4 sacred bitbeasts.

Size Growth Edit

  • In episodes 24, 26, and 27 (of the 1st series), Tyson has matches on stadiums of a miniature city and islands giving the illusion he's a giant.

Weight gain Edit

  • In episode 8 of the first series, Tyson ate too much where they show his belly peaking out of his shirt and belt.
  • In the 17th episode of the second series (Beyblade V-Force), the gang had a BBQ with Tyson the only one with visible belly.